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    To kick off the Skybound expansion, Nexon is giving away 25 Founder’s Pack Explorer Packages.That’s a $40 worth which you will get for free! Think of all of the things you could do with an extra $40 around the holiday season! That is 40 dollar menu items Maplestory 2 Mesos buy, guy. You won’t go hungry this year!

    I like to put down a wonderful ice spell to create enemies slide on the ground, while giving a heating mist impact on my celebration in order to add insult to injury. The enemy is chilly and covetous and slipping about, while we are all warm and standing up steady. It’s not only demoralizing to the enemy, but it helps enhance my party’s confidence — a must in the battlefield!

    We are going to draw winners on Monday, December 10. Please make sure that you comment with a Dtoid-generated Disqus accounts, and that your Dtoid accounts has your current email address on file.

    MapleStory Introduces Final Chapter Against the Long-Awaited Villain Black Mage

    Nexon’s MapleStory, the on-going free-to-play MMORPG out of 2003 is becoming its closing chapter of the war with the game’s long-awaited villain, the Black Mage. The upgrade also introduces two new Tenebris regions, an epic duel against Black Mage’s top Commander Verus Hilla, along with the monumental battle against the Dark Mage himself.

    The second place, Labyrinth of Suffering, is available to par 200 players beyond who have completed the 5th job development. The quest ends with players confronting and duelling from Verus Hilla, among Black Mage’s top commanders. The final area, Limina, can be available as players need to help the Tenebris trip escape dangerous situations inside to complete the Journey of Destiny.

    Additionally, every course is going to receive a new fifth job ability to fight the Dark Mage and after the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination to power up the Spark of Determination, all out war breaks loose as the highly anticipated Black Mage Boss Battle is now accessible.

    With the Dark Mage’s HP being shared across all worlds, MapleStory gamers across the world must work together in this epic battle to finally conquer the Black Mage. Additionally, new defense assignments have been added: Flame Bird Support — Players will Maple M Mesos learn the Flame Bird’s Summon skill by speaking to Helena. While the Flame Bird is rigged, defeated creatures will drop Flame Bird’s Determination.Twilight Defense — This mission entails 2-4 characters joining forces to conquer enemies using cannons and protect the castle walls.Battle at Sea — gamers must conquer enemies within the time limit with boats and crew members.

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